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How to Care For Your Hands

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Hand cream should be applied numerous times throughout the day.

There is one area that clients forget to pay attention to during their skin care routine. It's not the neck or décolleté, it's the hands. 

After a year of harsh conditions for our hands, from hand sanitizer to multiple hand washings throughout the day, the skin on our hands have had it rough.

AhmedabadMirror suggests these tips to keep hands well groomed. 


The skin on hands is thinner and has less oil glands than the face, therefore making it drier. Moisturizers will help to restore hydration to the hands. 


Combating the signs of aging on the face is just as important as doing so on the hands. Serums can help treat wrinkles, cracks or dry skin.

Clean Cuticles

Keeping the cuticles groomed can help protect from bacterial infections. 

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