Only on 5 Stress-busting Tips to Help Clients Relax at Your Spa


Helen Lee of Chicago Healers provides exclusive commentary to about steps to make clients' spa experience more relaxing, causing them to return for the peace of mind you can provide.

With everything going on in life, things can get a bit taxing, but there’s actually an easy way to keep stress at bay: taking time to connect with the mind, the body and the needs of each. Carving out time for a day at the spa can be exactly what clients may need to rejuvenate. Chicago Healers Practitioner Helen Lee states that simple but profound steps can be implemented that will deepen clients' experience of relaxation. Here are some tips to helping stressed-out clients get the most out of their spa experience.

  1. Deep breathe. It may feel silly to remind clients to breathe, but it is so important. There are two types of breathing: shallow and deep. Taking shallow chest breaths causes the body to operate in fight-or-flight mode, which is highly stressful. Less oxygen goes to the brain and the body continues to operate on high alert. It is important to advise clients to take deep, abdominal breaths, which stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system. This optimizes digestion, relaxation and detoxification while keeping hormones balanced. Ask clients to practice deep abdominal breathing throughout the day, especially during skin care treatments. Deep breathing will allow their muscles to relax quicker during massages and body services.
  2. Gratitude. Remembering things to be grateful for throughout the day really does wonders for personal state of mind and for the body. Positive thinking releases chemicals that help with digestion, euphoria, relaxation and overall well-being. Congratulate clients for taking the time to care for themselves and remind them to be grateful for taking the time to care for themselves. Also, give them permission, in a way, to enjoy their day in peace.
  3. Visualization. A person's mind is directly linked to her body. Because of this, the more creative and detailed that you can visualize in your mind, the more your body responds accordingly. So as your clients relax, suggest that they visualize themselves on a beach, surrounded by blissful sounds of water, with the cool breeze brushing against their skin. Give them time to see it clearly in their mind’s eye.
  4. Sit in silence. Encourage your clients to come to the spa about 10–30 minutes to quiet the mind and clear thoughts. This can be so beneficial. Help them take the time before, during or after their spa treatment to sit and really feel what it feels like to be relaxed. Recommend that they let it sink in completely before they’re off again.
  5. Take a 15–20 minute walk outside. If you spa has an outdoor garden or area, recommend that your clients connect back to nature and take a walk preferably somewhere surrounded by nature. This way they can bring their relaxed, still state of being back into motion and back into the the real world gently.

Helping clients practice these five methods is a great way to help them get the most out of their spa experience and can make your spa irreplaceable in their budgets.

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