Romance Yourself!

One of the biggest symbols of romance in our culture is a bouquet of beautiful, fragrant flowers. The flowers provide a multisensory experience that evoke pleasure in most people, says Katherine Vaccaro of Ziba Day Spa/Gallery in Laguna Beach, California. When was the last time you bought yourself a really extravagant array of flowers? If it's romance you crave, begin today by creating it for yourself. Look for ways each day to show yourself how much you really care. Besides keeping fresh flowers at your bedside, following are some favorite things to do to keep an aura of romance in your life and your clients' lives.

  1. In the evening, before dinnertime, I fill the bathtub with delicious smelling aromatherapy oils and light a few candles.
  2. Breathe deeply. Be in the moment and focus to unwind. Smile and life smiles back; this helps to begin a new day, every day!
  3. Never eat standing up. Respect and honor yourself. Set a place at the table (even if it's the coffee table) and use a nice placemat. Add a little elegance to your daily life.
  4. Keep a bowl of fresh fruit around. If your beloved were to arrive at your front door today, would you want at least some fresh fruit to serve him or her?
  5. Treat and nourish the skin you're in.
  6. Exercise and feel alive again! If you look good, you'll feel great! A brisk beach walk, a relaxing yoga class, bowling, bike riding and salsa dancing are all fun activities to try.
  7. Embrace yourself with Refloxology foot massage; it's a wonderful way to celebrate yourself.
  8. When manifesting big love, remember that first you must be your biggest fan and others will be attracted to you.
  9. Expand your heart and let your light shine. Set personal goals and share with others in need.
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