Ayurvedic Spa Offers Flu Treatment (with How-To)


Whether in or out of flu season, catching a cold is never really ideal for us or our clients. However, VEDA, an Ayurvedic spa in Los Angeles, began offering clients what they call the Nasya Treatment ($95, 30 min.) to help purify and clear nasal passages.

This wellness treatments uses an herbal infused oil comprised of sesame, eucalyptus and brahmi oil that is administered into the nasal passages to keep cold and flu symptoms far away. Skin Inc. got together with Julia Lungin, aAyurvedic practitioner at VEDA, to better understand this treatment. 

Skin Inc. (SI): How was this treatment created? 

Julia Lungin (JL): Nasya is an ancient Ayurvedic treatment that came from India over 5,000 years ago. The belief is to clear the nasal pathway of where prana (i.e. life-force energy) enters the mind. Ayurveda believes that all imbalances and disease start in the mind.

SI: Besides during flu season, when else would it be great to perform or recommend this treatment? 

JL: This treatment can be done daily in the morning to detox the nasal passages and help promote a clear state of mind.

SI: How do you market this treatment? 

Usually we market this treatment as a great way to prevent the cold or flu during the fall, winter and early spring months or anytime one is feeling blocked in their mind. It promotes mental clarity and removes brain fog.

SI: What are all of the benefits of this treatment?

JL: The herbal infused oils remove lymph and inflammation from the brain. It's great for balancing the doshas, especially those looking to improve a vata imbalance.

SI: Can this treatment be used as an add on to other treatments, or is it typically a stand alone treatment? 

JL: Nasya can definitely be used as an add on to other treatments. I find it's a great addition to our shiro abhyanga (a head massage) or shirodhara (a warm oil therapy on the third eye). 

SI: What clients do you recommend this treatment to?

JL: We recommend this to anyone who is looking to prevent the common cold. It's also great for anyone looking to nourish their sinuses, eyes, nose and brain to gain a sense of clarity. 

SI: Are there any contraindications to this treatment?

JL: This treatment should not be done at night before bed.

Treatment Steps

The star to this treatment is the special herbal oil, which is applied directly into the nose. The 30-minute treatment includes just three key steps.

Step 1: Begin with steam inhalation to help open the nasal passages. 

Step 2: Lightly massage throughout the nose area and forehead to relax the nasal muscles.

Step 3: Gently tilt the client's head backwards and apply three to five drops of the oil into each nostril. 

Step 4: Massage the areas of the face again to increase the oils effectiveness and potency.

Bringing the Treatment Home

When performing this treatment at home, Lungin mentioned that it should not be done at night. Instead, it is recommended that client's who choose to continue this treatment in their home-care routines do so after they have completed a steamy shower and the nasal passages are freshly opened. 

It is recommended to start clients with three drops of the oil and gradually move up to five over time. Instruct clients to massage the right and left side of the nose and forehead to help the oils move into the brain. 

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