Discovering the Genetic Connection to Weight Loss


A recent study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association discovered that there may not be a strong connection between a person's genetic makeup and the diet they choose. 

Searching For the Perfect Diet

There were 609 overweight adults that participated in this randomized clinical trial (RCT) from January 2013 to April of 2015, and they then had a follow-up through May of 2016. The study consisted of these adults that followed either a healthy low-fat or a healthy low-carb diet.

To measure how these healthy diets were impacting the participants, the weight change of the adults was measured after 12 months and a determination about the potential links between someone's diet and their genetic makeup was made. 


The lead author, Christopher D. Gardner, Ph.D., from Stanford University Medical School, found that there was not a significant difference between the adults. Further, they discovered that between the low-fat and low-carb diet, neither a person's genetic makeup nor their secretion of insulin was associated with their weight loss.

Thus, there is not a particular diet strategy that is better than others when it comes to losing weight for the general population.

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