DermaMed Solutions Launches 10–Week Healthy Skin Challenge


DermaMed Solutions is pleased to announce The Healthy Skin Challenge. For 10 weeks beginning on August 5, the company will offer informative articles on nutrition and healthy skin, tips and recipes to adopt a new healthy habit which supports healthy skin. Each week’s challenge is posted on DermaMed Solutions’ blog, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest pages. Participants are invited to join at any time during the 10 weeks, and are encouraged to share their progress, post photos and status updates on social media referencing #‎HealthySkinChallenge. Photo contests, prizes and giveaways motivate participants and keep the challenge fun.

The brainchild of Ginger Hodulik, DermaMed Solutions’ VP and Certified Nutrition Specialist, the goal of the challenge is to achieve healthy, glowing skin through a healthy diet and lifestyle choices. In her former life as a Corporate Wellness Executive, Hodulik developed company-wide wellness challenges to encourage healthy habits. “We all know change is hard,” says Hodulik. “By breaking down the necessary lifestyle changes into small steps in the form of weekly challenges, the achievement of an overall healthy lifestyle easier to attain. Human connection is also a powerful motivator. It is easier to make healthy changes when our lives are intertwined, as opposed to in a vacuum.”

10-Week Healthy Skin Challenge

  • Week 1 – Phytonutrients, how plants feed our skin cells
  • Week 2 – Healthy Fats for a Healthy Glow
  • Week 3 – Digestion: The Gut/Skin Connection
  • Week 4 – Antioxidants: the key to preventing skin damage
  • Week 5 – Don’t let stress sap your skin: The cortisol connection
  • Week 6 – Toxins: Keep your skin healthy in a toxic world
  • Week 7 – Beauty Rest: the importance of adequate sleep
  • Week 8 – Hydration: The foundation of healthy skin
  • Week 9 – Calming Inflammation
  • Week 10 – Healthy skin for life: Incorporating the challenge

“At DermaMed Solutions, our philosophy is that the condition of your skin is a reflection of overall well-being,” said Mark Pinsley, president of DermaMed Solutions. “Achieving and maintaining healthy, beautiful skin requires a “whole-istic” approach that incorporates mechanical and topical treatments, but also considers nutrition, mindset and other lifestyle factors.”

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