Tuning into Intuition

As a spa owner, manager or employee, you are constantly faced with the challenge of providing your clients with the latest and greatest opportunities to look and feel better. However, are you doing enough to keep yourself in top form? Wouldn’t it be great to keep your mind, body and spirit healthy and energized simply by further developing your intuitive self?

Well, if this is something you are looking for, there is good news. Developing your intuition is well within your reach. Like anything worth doing, it will take time and practice, but there is still even better news. Whether you know it or not, you are already practicing using intuition, simply because you have a brain and body that communicate with one another.

Before you begin to find your intuitive self, it’s important to realize that everyone possesses a different level of awareness, and the results you will gain can vary from person to person. Don’t become frustrated if you do not achieve the desired level of awareness as quickly as you would like. Tapping into your intuitive mindset is no different than learning to read or write—it takes time and commitment.

What exactly is intuition?

According to the breakdown of the Latin root word intueri, intuition is the act of uncovering teachings or deeper understanding from within. Essentially, it is insight that cannot be explained through the five traditional senses.

It is in this way that intuition has a definite effect on you and your life. The things you think and feel have a direct impact on your body, and there are a host of medical research studies indicating your thoughts and emotions can directly impact your physical well-being. As you’ve heard time and time again, negative thoughts can potentially cause serious health issues, and positive thoughts appear to create a brighter reality. In essence, being positive and staying in tune with your body are integral components of living a healthy life.

Taking action

To become more intuitive, one of the first steps is to start listening to your body. By focusing on things such as exercise, rest and healthy eating, you can begin to transform your intuition and lifestyle.

Exercise. Being intuitive requires energy and alertness. Because exercise elevates your circulation, strengthens your body and reduces tension, you should do it at least three times a week to heighten your level of intuitive awareness.

Rest. Listen to your body if it is tired, and be willing to take short naps or breaks when necessary during the day. Restoring the body’s state of alertness through relaxation and sleep allows it to stay healthy and energetic. Make a conscious decision to listen to your body’s needs.

Eat healthy. Food is your body’s fuel, so it is important to watch what you eat. Many people make sure their children and pets eat well, and yet do not adhere to a healthy diet themselves, especially when busy. However, it is very important to have the proper nourishment to help enhance the body’s intuitive sensitivity.

Pay attention. Be wary of numbing your mind and body. Avoid getting caught up in television, too much work or any activity that seems to dull your brain. Also, eliminating noise can do wonders for the mind, not to mention helping to reduce the constant chatter that hinders sleep for many individuals. Learn to cherish alone and quiet time.

Practice slowing down or stopping, and utilize the following exercises to help you eat healthier, sleep better and become more in tune with your body.

Eating right

Learning to develop good eating habits while also figuring out how certain foods affect you is another important aspect of tuning into your intuition. Try this eating exercise to see how some families of food can affect you and your body.

Choose a food type you probably should not be eating, such as foods with high sugar, fat, or starch content, and go without this food type for as many days or weeks as you can. Note any changes in your thoughts, behavior or sense of wellness. Then slowly reintroduce the food type, and ask your body to let you know if it is a food that should be cut from your diet permanently—your body will definitely let you know. If it is a food type you should avoid altogether, try to use this information to intuitively choose foods that are better for your being.

This exercise also helps you become aware of any food allergies. These are important to know about, as many people have them. Common food allergies include wheat products, dairy and certain nuts, as well as an array of others. Such allergies can often be discovered through this simple exercise.

Using intuition to create a healthier you

With the new knowledge you are beginning to develop through knowing your body, you are becoming more in tune with your intuition and are more able to make adjustments to your lifestyle that can help you live healthier and ultimately better. These next few exercises can aid in effectively asserting your healthier choices.


Also important to note is that, in order to get the most heightened level of intuitive alertness from these exercises, you will need to commit to doing them at least three days a week. And the great thing is that they can be done anywhere, while traveling or at home.

Morning exercise one. At least three mornings a week, take ten minutes to do the following exercise: Sit perfectly still, and imagine being in a place that brings you great happiness. Once you are situated and comfortable, begin to take slow, rhythmic breaths. Stay focused on your breathing, feeling the air as it flows in and out of your body. Once you can truly feel each breath and are in a peaceful state, begin to imagine the air you are breathing is pure light and everything you know that is good. Now, imagine the air you breathe out as darkness and everything you know that is less than good. At this point, you should be becoming more and more aware of the connection between your body and mind. Continue doing this for a full ten minutes.

Morning exercise two. After the first exercise has been completed, take an additional five to ten minutes to do the following: Imagine you have an X-ray-like inner intuitive sight. Allow your inner eyes to scan your entire body with perfectly clear vision that can see everything within you. Begin at the top of your head, and work all the way down to your feet, then repeat. Take note of any places that appear to command your attention or seem odd. If you encounter such an area, imagine yourself breathing light and goodness into it. This will help connect you to this part of your body and allow you to begin to understand why the area had drawn you toward it.

Daily exercise. Take note of how you are feeling during your normal daily activities. If you notice continued discomfort or stress in a given area, refocus on it by repeating the above exercise. You also might want to explore massage therapy or stretching exercises, such as yoga, if the odd feeling persists. Of course, never be afraid to visit your doctor, especially if you think this part of your body might be experiencing chronic discomfort. Remember, common sense is a key component of intuition

Bedtime exercise. Just before going to sleep, while lying in bed, begin this exercise by taking deep breaths and focusing on the air going in and out of your body. Feel each breath as it enters and leaves you as you did in the first morning exercise. After five minutes of deep and rhythmic breathing, you will begin to focus on individual body parts, flexing each of them and relieving all tension while also comforting the mind. Squeeze your hands into fists. Do this for 30 seconds and relax. Next, flex your forearms. Once again, do this for thirty seconds and relax. Follow this by flexing your upper arms, your shoulders and so on. Continue this routine for all body parts—arms, shoulders, legs, back, chest and stomach. In doing this, you will be able to spend equal time with every part of your body. Also, in addition to staying in tune with your body, this exercise is a great tool for those who have trouble sleeping, especially in conjunction with the morning and daytime exercises.

Anytime exercise. Anytime you think a part of your body is in need of extra attention because of an injury, soreness or really any reason at all, do not be afraid to give love and appreciation to the area, even during your daily routine. While combing your hair, brushing your teeth or even showering, let your body and its parts know that you are aware of them. Think of your body as its own universe with every part of it working together to keep things balanced. Always remember, your body never stops listening.

Total awareness

By working with your thoughts, feelings and the sensations of your body, you can develop and heighten your sense of intuition, which can, in turn, help you create a healthier, more fulfilling lifestyle for yourself. By paying attention to its subtle signals and finding a place where you are in tune with it, your intuition can end up being one of your most valuable personal assets.


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