10 Things to Do to Improve Your Personal Wellness

A. Selman
A. Selman

This month, I interviewed Ashley Selman, personal trainer and owner of Evolution Trainers in Mountain View, CA, about #10things you can do right now to improve your personal wellness throughout the day … even when you are booked back-to-back with clients!

  1. Drink a full glass of water immediately every morning. Most people wake up dehydrated—it’s important to give the body a good start to the day.
  2. Smoothies. These are a great way to boost energy, increase vitamin intake and get the nutrition you need quickly. Reference Green Smoothie Revolution (North Atlantic Books, 2009) by Victoria Boutenko for recipes and tips, and try the Sensational Smoothie.
  3. Create a mantra or plan for the day. For example: “I am an amazing skin care pro” or “Every single client today is going to purchase sunscreen.”
  4. Move! Set an alarm on your phone and move around every 30–60 minutes, when possible. There are numerous apps that count steps, movement and also sleep duration.
  5. Stretch between treatments. Find a doorway, place your elbows parallel to your shoulders, hands open and facing upward, lean into the doorway and open up your chest. This is the opposite of the position you hold during a facial. Also, warrior one and cobra are yoga positions that can be done in the treatment room to open up the front of the body.
  6. Meatless Mondays. These are a great way to reset unhealthy weekend eating and regroup for the week (www.meatlessmonday.com).
  7. Pack healthy snacks. These should be low in sugar, not processed, and include a mix of healthy carbohydrates and protein. Plan your food for the week like you plan your spa schedule. If you have more than one person on your team, each person can take a day to bring a healthy snack.
  8. Exercise. Walking, or hill or stair climbing 20 minutes a day, five days a week, will recharge your brain with oxygen, increase circulation and boost energy.
  9. Meditation. At the end of day, do a three-minute mediation. Focus on your breath and let the stress of the day go. Refuel yourself after a full day of giving to clients.
  10. Sleep. What are you doing in bed before you sleep? The light from a computer, action-packed TV shows and upbeat music make it difficult to sleep. Read something positive, keep the noise low and the room cool and dark, and focus on a good night’s sleep.


Founder and owner of the San Francisco Institute of Esthetics and Cosmetology since 2002, Deedee Crossett is an industry pioneer for raising the bar of undergraduate education for cosmetologists and estheticians. She can be reached at www.facebook.com/deedee.crossett and Twitter @DeedeeCrossett #10things.




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