Bringing Health, Hope and Happiness Into Radiance


What is radiance? Pictures, thoughts and emotions immediately come to mind upon hearing someone say, “They looked radiant.” You might visualize someone with bright eyes, a perfect smile and shining hair with a halo-like light surrounding them.

How do those words make you feel? Do you feel energized, empowered and inspired? Do you want others to describe you as radiant? What does it mean to be radiant, why are we all after it and how can we achieve that? 

What is Radiance?

The Oxford Dictionary's definition of radiance is: "An expression of great happiness, hope or beauty; or good health that you can see in someone's face."1 In English, radiance is a noun used to describe someone who is pure light and is visible to the naked eye because of some inner light or glow. Radiance is associated with the sun or a luminous star.  

With an ever-increasing focus on health and wellness, the word "radiant" is all-encompassing to describe an overall health that radiates from within. That is what we want, right? Who doesn't want to look and feel their best while the world takes notice? Is it possible to achieve radiance without the use of a few filter apps?  I think so.

Lend a Helping Hand

So, how can we get the radiance we're all after? Let's break it down. According to the definition, true radiance is not the result of any specific products or lifestyle, but instead, it comes from great happiness.

What makes you happy? We've got books, seminars, apps, lectures, retreats, meditations, support groups, etc. all designed to help us figure out what makes us happy and how to go after it. Do we really need all of this though? Ask yourself what you were doing the last time you experienced great happiness. Nine out of ten people report it was while helping someone else. Think about that. Our industry doesn't exist without helping others, meaning we are well on our way to being radiant.

Feeling Hopeful

Hope is next on our list. Hope is the feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen. Spa owners, service providers and account representatives all have hope for growth, to make an impact on clients' lives and to leave each person feeling better for having interacted with them. Do you want to change your service menu, maybe learn a new treatment protocol, implement a new marketing idea or strike out on your own? Whatever it is, the excitement and hope that comes with thinking about possibilities brings about a glow that could be described as "radiant."

Inner Beauty

Beauty is probably what we think of first when radiance is mentioned. However, "beauty" is just one part of radiance. Beauty is not only physical traits or cosmetic but it is also defined by attributes. Kindness is beautiful. Encouragement is beautiful. Charity is beautiful. These characteristics are usually inherent. They can't be forced or manipulated, which is why they bring about radiance.

All in Good Health

"Good Health" is being free from illness or injury. The outside is a reflection of what's going on inside. We know to stay hydrated and that certain foods will affect each person differently.  A good client intake will ask about diet, alcohol consumption, medications and supplements as well as physical activity because those all affect the overall health of our client's skin. In order to treat, we need a complete picture of what's going on.

When it comes to individual health, each person should know what works best for their unique body and metabolism along with which physical activities are enjoyable and appropriate for themselves. Exercise definitely contributes to radiance, but there are no rules with this one. Kickboxing, Cross Fit, walking or yoga all have their place. 

Finding Your Radiance

Radiance is the culmination of happiness, health, peace, clarity and purpose. With this definition, what should you look for as a foundation towards finding this radiance? The first step is asking yourself what you hope to achieve in your personal and business life. Then, start from there by understanding your goals and building on them through appropriate behaviors. Radiance comes from being excited about something down to your core. That's it. You are doing what makes you happy. Having hope for something–great or small hope is hope. Whether it's having beautiful attributes and allowing them to be seen or making the best choices for your own body, those all bring about that look that says, "They look radiant!"


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Kami Bonafede has been a licensed esthetician for 16 years. She was owner/operator of her own skin care practice for 14 years, where she focused on skin resurfacing, anti-aging and clinically-based treatments. Bonafede launched an active skin care line that could be used in professional treatments as well as in any home care routine.

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