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My lifelong attraction to the mineral world began when I was a girl in Denver, Colorado. We lived in a new community surrounded by fields. A little creek that ran through one of these fields held beautiful treasures including agate and some of the best petrified wood I have ever collected. My affinity for gemstones has continued to this day, as I find new and creative ways to incorporate the healing energy of these minerals into daily life and my esthetic practice.


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Gemstones contain nature’s energy and are also known as energy medicines. Not to be confused with medicines prescribed by your doctor, energy medicines are products or items that contain vital life force energy to fuel your subtle energy body. Performing a gemstone facial will feed your client’s inner rainbow; the chakra system will create a healthy aura and bring balance to clients in need of healing.

Our relationship to gems and crystals is more synergistic than you might think. We are actually made of the same universal elements. Celestial elements came to earth from the explosion of stars, so we are literally made of stardust. Everything on earth is connected by this element, which creates a synergy to fuel us energetically.

The use of gemstones and color plays a major role in life. Each color has its own frequency or vibration that can help to energize, stimulate, relax or uplift the spirit. The seven colors of nature’s rainbow are associated with the seven colors of the chakra system. If a chakra is out of balance, you can use a gemstone to restore balance.

Selecting Your Gemstones

Forget about doing this the right way; it is best to select your gemstones intuitively. Gemstones that want to go home with you will capture your attention. You will feel drawn to the stones you are meant to work with. Some will be part of your personal collection, while others will be for use in your work with clients (see Recommended Stones). You will feel the difference.

Polished stones are the easiest to use and place on the face and body. Anything in the quartz family is safe and the easiest to clean. Crystals work well if you consider the size and shape. If they are too large, they become heavy; if they are too delicate, they are difficult to maintain. Use larger crystals for decoration and smaller ones to place on or around them on the facial bed.

Stay away from using water soluble stones in treatments, as they will deteriorate with constant washing. Use them as decoration instead. Minerals can include celestine, celestite, selenite, lepidolite, mica and gypsum. The more porous stones such as malachite and sodalite will lose their shine when left in water, so avoid soaking these stones.

Cleansing Your Stones

Wash your stones with soap and water before and after each use with each client. Unless you choose
to, you don’t have to place them in the light of the
full moon or do anything fancy; instead, place them in salt.

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Gemstone Placement

Review a chakra chart and include at least one stone for each chakra for your client. The fourth chakra represents two colors, pink and green. Choose stones that you feel will work best for your client. Some stones will seem to call out to you at first glance, and these are perfect to include in the gemstone placement.

Reference a color wheel. Reds, oranges and yellows, are warm and the most stimulating and energizing of the colors, while blues and purples are cool and the most calming and enlightening. The closer to red the color is, the more stimulating it will be and the closer to blue, the more calming. Yellow is energizing and helps lift the spirits, while green, the color in the middle of the rainbow, represents balance and is considered the most healing. Clear quartz represents all of the colors of the rainbow.

Each color has an intensity range, meaning how bright or soft the color appears. The intensity of naturally bright colors will generate more energy than soft ones. Please note that many agates and some iron ores are being dyed to bright and beautiful colors. Any stone with aura before the name has a coating that gives it an iridescent glow. Use these for décor and your personal collection but not for treatments.

As with any treatment, there area some contraindications to using color. Some stones tend to be more reactive than others. For example, red jasper may cause overstimulation and a physical reaction like twitching. If your client is already somewhat bold and aggressive, red will accentuate this behavior. Replace it at the first chakra with black tourmaline to ground and absorb excess or negative energy. Brown and earth-toned gemstones are great alternatives to red for restoring balance.

The Gemstone Facial

This is a basic gemstone facial. You may add more steps to the facial if you choose. During the mask, it is best to place the smaller stones on the face. After the mask is the best time to use your gua sha tool or gemstone sculpting.

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Prepare your gemstone collection by placing the stones in order of the seven chakra colors. You will have larger stones for the body and five to six small polished stones for the face. Also, select calming meditative music to play during the treatment.

Step 1. Place your seven chakra gemstones on your client, on top of the blanket, starting from the first chakra at the pubic bone and working your way to the seventh chakra at the head. You can place the sixth and seventh chakra stones beside their head, and they will still benefit from the energy of the stones.

Step 2. Cleanse the skin with the cleanser of your choice and remove the cleanser with a warm towel.

Step 3. Analyze with a mag lamp and continue with the treatment.

Step 4. Exfoliate the skin with the enzymes of your choice. Remove enzymes with a cool or warm towel as appropriate. Follow enzyme with a hydrosol mist of your choice and press into the skin.

Step 5. Use a mask of your choice that can be left on the skin for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

Step 6. Place five small gemstones over the mask on the third eye, above the lip, on the chin and on the cheeks at both sides of the nose. Remove the gemstones and then remove the mask with a warm towel. Follow the mask with a hydrosol mist of your choice and press into the skin.

Step 7. Apply eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Step 8. Remove gemstones from the body, and complete the treatment.

Beware of the Hype

Now that wellness therapies and energy healing are becoming more mainstream, many people will be entering this field with little or no experience. Just because it sounds good, doesn’t mean it is. How a gemstone works is unique to each individual. Develop your own intuitive connection with your gemstones, and they will work wonders in the treatment room.

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Linda Bertaut is a holistic esthetician and reiki master teacher who specializes in training estheticians to incorporate energy healing and energy medicines into their lives and business. She is also a frequent book and magazine author and speaker at many industry events. [email protected]

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