Freezing for Beauty


Cryotherapy has been gaining popularity with athletes, celebrities and spa clients, as cryo-centers are popping up everywhere. People are willing to stand in -240+ “space portals” for a two to three-minute session to drop their core body temperature. I am sure you are asking, “but why?”

The cold triggers blood vessels in the skin’s surface and muscle tissue to constrict, forcing inflammation away from the surface tissue and revving the body’s immune response. In simple terms, this process reduces inflammation, and less inflammation slows down the aging process. That is why this treatment makes a great addition to any spa menu.

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Jaclyn Peresetsky is an esthetician and owner of Skin Perfect Wellness Spa. She is known as the go-to expert in the greater Columbus, Ohio, area for microcurrent treatments, custom blend makeup, eyebrow design, color theory and custom skin care. She is also the author of The Power of Your Colors, and she is working on her second book, The Journey to Perfect Skin. She also has a patent-pending color identification system created to better identify unique color characteristics for choosing makeup.

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