Is the Line Between Cosmetics and Skin Care Becoming Blurred?

The skin-enhancing benefits of new cosmetics hitting the market are blurring the line between skin care and cosmetics, and this is predicted to cause a significant growth in the cosmetics market. Do you carry retail products and use professional cosmetics that offer more benefits than just the average lipstick?

A report by Global Industry Analysts Inc. (GIA) predicts that the color cosmetics market will reach US $41.4 billion by 2015. This growth, according to the report, will be aided by color formulations with: added benefits such as UV protection or moisturization; new textures and formats; natural or organic ingredients; and pigment innovation.

The report, "Color Cosmetics: A Global Strategic Business Report," noted that the line between skin care and cosmetics is fading. In addition to providing color, color cosmetics are now providing moisturization, UV protection, antiaging benefits, long-lasting effects, ease of use and convenience. These products are also being offered in new textures, formats and products.

The anticipated growth in color cosmetics also is being attributed to the incorporation of natural and organic ingredients, such as plant extracts and vitamin E, into formulations.

Replacing the traditional heavy, opaque pigments in foundations are materials such as light-capturing crystals including mother-of-pearl, topaz and rose quartz, to produce the illusion of perfect skin without the feel or look of makeup. In lipstick, popular formulations offer intense color, no smudging, a wet look and vitamins A, C and E.

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