Lash Out: Face & Body Midwest is Crazy for Lashes


With serums, mascaras and extensions on the rise, there’s no question lash products and services are dominating the cosmetics market. This booming trend was evident at Face & Body Midwest, where lash-boosting companies saw great traffic.

“Women are wanting fuller lashes, darker lashes and length but don't always have the time every day to spend 30 minutes plus on mascara, curling their lashes, eyeliner and applying falsies,” said Kim Jaynes, owner and founder of Borboleta Beauty. “Eyelash extensions give you the look without all the hassle.” 

Individual lash extensions are applied by a professional lash artist and typically last two to three weeks before a fill is required. Application takes about two hours to complete, and the client must  be careful to avoid getting the adhesive wet for several hours after application. However, the result is perfect lashes without the effort. 

Jaynes has noticed a trend toward skyline lashes, which consist of textured volume using mixed lengths, as well as a trend toward mega volume and bottom lashes. The end result, which can range from natural to ultra voluminous, make lash extensions a potentially lucrative addition to your spa menu. 

“It’s the perfect ‘big ticket’ service that can drum up additional business and revenue for your spa,” said Jaynes. “You can always be doing someone's lashes and add on a wax or a mini facial. Not to mention the cost per client is about $5, and you can make up to $100 an hour.” 

Additionally, serums and vitamin-infused mascaras can add a boost to retail sales, according to Angelica Montoya Kanter, national sales manager for neuLash. 

The lash and brow category are hot, and they’re not going away,” said Kanter. “It’s a great add-on sale. Not only the product line, but we have a really nice eye-catching display that fits nicely at the front desk or the retail area.”

Lash clients shouldn’t leave your spa without purchasing a serum. Strong natural lashes are a necessity for lash extensions, and clients without extensions can benefit from using serum as well. 

“We call our neuLash and neuBrow the esthetician’s life insurance policy for lash/brow extensions,” said Kanter.

In many states, lashes are an unregulated gray area. Be sure to educated yourself on how to correctly apply lashes, and don’t forget to thoroughly explain how to properly care for lash extension with your clients. 

“Starting with a clean eye is essential to proper and safe application,” said Sunnie Ullo, of the American Eyelash Association. “Many performing this service are not aware of precautionary  measures that need to be included in every appointment, such as a lash shampoo. The integrity of the natural lashes should be priority for every client at every appointment.” 

Adding lash services and products to your existing retail offerings can help boost business as well as ensure damage-free service that keeps clients coming back for more.

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