Do Makeup Rituals = Love? (Video)


Daily makeup rituals can "enhance a woman's emotional state and expand her openness to love and romance," according to new research from Revlon and Fordham University.

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The research confirmed what makeup lovers have long known: ritualized actions can boost one's mood and outlook and represent symbolic and sensorial meaning to individuals.

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The study measured how women and their partners reacted after a period of conducting a simple daily ritual:

  • facing a mirror
  • using a favorite fragrance
  • applying makeup
  • savoring a candy
  • taking a deep breath
  • looking at herself and smiling

The study comprised hundreds of women and found that:

  • 97% of participants reporting a significant positive change in them within the first week of adopting the ritual
  • 71% reported an increased desire for romance
  • 69% were more open to finding love
  • 77% felt more outgoing and social
  • 74% said they were more likely to flirt
  • 85% of the women in the study noticed a positive change in how others reacted to them
  • 65% noted an increase in compliments from their partner or date
  • 56% confirmed that others flirted with them more frequently

The results are dramatized in a short film, "Love Test," featuring nine women of all ages and walks of life.

"Rituals can be powerful – performing them can actually change the way you feel," said Tracy Rohrbaugh, Vice President, Marketing at Revlon. "Taking the time each day to appreciate yourself, especially what makes you unique, is a simple but effective way to create positive energy. This daily ritual can manifest more kindness, more affection, more flirting, and more love. Initiating this virtuous cycle helps the doer to both give and receive more love."

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