Going for the Glow: 8 Steps to Achieve 'Yoga Skin'


Yoga skin is the current trending makeup and skin care technique that has Instagram going wild. Now, before you start doing your vinyasa and warrior poses, take note that this skin care trend doesn't actually require going to gym at all. However, it is inspired by that glossy glow your skin gets when you workout, or at least that's how you want your skin to look when you finish working out. 

Sara Hill, a makeup artist from Glasgow, Scotland, coined and mastered this technique, and in an interview with Glamour magazine, she explained how it differs from the glass or cloudless skin trends. "I called it ‘yoga skin’ because it emulates that really gorgeous radiance you have when you step out of the yoga studio; juicy, dewy and super-hydrated. It’s not about hiding imperfections but creating a hyper-real version of your natural skin, pinchable and just irresistible," Hill explains.

Getting the Glow

"Yoga skin" is all about getting that glow. Hill notes the importance of using your regular skin care routine and allowing your skin to fully absorb the product before moving on to the makeup portion of this glow-getter look.

Step One: Prime the skin with a silicone-free primer.

Step Two: Create your foundation cocktail, while altering it to your skin needs. In her Instagram post, Hill recommends three to four pumps of liquid foundation, one drop of facial oil and one drop of highlighter or strobe cream. Optional: Include one drop of glow drops.

Note: If you have dry skin, she also recommends adding a little bit of moisturizer for extra hydration. 

Step Three: Massage this cocktail into your skin using your hands. Hill specifically recommends using your hands to boost circulation in the skin while also de-puffing. 

Step Four: Continue to build up the layers on the skin until you are content with the coverage.

Step Five: Lightly apply concealer in areas you want a little more coverage like under the eyes, on spots and around the nose. Be careful not to overdue this step. Optional: lightly powder to set the concealer.

Step Six: Apply cream blush and bronzer if desired. 

Step Seven: Very lightly powder the face if you wish. Use a small brush or powder puff and a very light, sheer powder. Avoid baking the skin.

Step Eight: Apply an alcohol-free setting spray.

With fitness topicals and minimalist makeup looks already rolling through as skin trends for 2019, it's safe to say that the yoga skin trend is among friends and not going anywhere.

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