What to Expect From Eyelash Training


Eyelash extensions is a hot trend that is only getting hotter, so adding the service to your salon or spa could potentially do wonders for business. "My advice to all beginner lash artists out there is to pick a brand that is going to support and nurture you from the beginning." says Zoe Nichols, Novalash trainer and professional lash artist. Nichols further laid out a road map of what can typically be expected while going through eyelash extension training. 

After 30 days:

  • Your muscle memory is improving.
  • Isolation is easy–you can easily get a single eye lash onto your tweezer.
  • 75% of a full set is achieved in two hours.
  • You are not ready to charge at this stage.

After 60 days:

  • Your muscle memory is excellent–you can feel confident in your techniques.
  • 90% of a full set is achieved in two hours.
  • Your separation skills are excellent–you’re striving for 100% separation.

After 90 days:

  • The techniques feel second nature.
  • 100% of lashes are bonded within two hours.
  • Separation is flawless–no two lashes are left stuck together.
  • Extensions stay attached to natural lashes until they are ready to shed, which means one hour infills can be achieved every 30 days
  • You are now ready to charge.
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