Celebrity Makeup Artist Shares Tips on Improving Your Makeup Services


With YouTube tutorials and Instagram bloggers, there's more competition in the makeup industry than ever before. However, to really stand out as a makeup artist or with the makeup services that you provide, an artist must go beyond simply doing.

"You have to study, constantly. You have to practice, constantly." —Joe Blasco, celebrity makeup artist and expert 

At Skin Inc.'s Face & Body Southeast spa expo and conference, makeup artist and expert Joe Blasco provided insight during his "Professional Makeup Products: Their Usage and Tools " keynote presentation on how to be more than just someone that does makeup. 

Being Honest

"In order to get into this business, you have to be honest with yourself," said Blasco. "If you are honest with yourself, you will be honest with everyone else.

When referring to being honest with yourself, what he means is: You must always say, "Am I good at this? Do I know what I'm doing in this area of makeup artistry?'"

Improving Makeup Skills 

Blasco shared these tips on how you can distinguish yourself from the crowd: 

  • Keeping clean. When providing makeup services, it is most important to keep your space clean. Even when starting out, develop the habit of working with only what you need and keeping your work area clean. Just like a spa treatment, you want to make sure that you are providing your clients with safe and clean services.
  • Hit the books. In any form of art, practice and keep on top of what is going on in your field. Read makeup books, follow magazines and talk to other artists. Through studying and immersing yourself in makeup knowledge, you will develop your own style and see what works for you. 
  • Being honest. Honesty goes beyond simply telling the truth. Just as an esthetician must vouch for a product, a makeup artist must do the same. Your word is your bond, and clients will trust your recommendations. If you don't know how to something, don't do it. 

"You always have to be on the cutting edge of what you do," said Blasco. "You have to study, constantly. You have to practice, constantly. You can't just take it for granted that I'm a makeup artist."    

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