Keeping Up With Color

Though color trends and makeup styles can be fun to experiment with and enjoy, most women have base colors and techniques they turn to every day to face the world. To learn more about matching skin tone, hair color and eye color to makeup shades and tone, review the different types below as described in More Alive With Color by Leatrice Eiseman (Capital Books, 2006), as well as on Eiseman’s Web site, And pick up the August issue of Skin Inc. magazine to learn more about fall makeup colors and trends.

Sunrise—the sparkling jewel tones of dawn and dew, such as Amethyst Orchid, Palace Blue, Emerald, Prism Pink, Very Berry, Chardonnay and Snow White

  • Hair: Cool ash or platinum blonde, silver, blue-black or very dark brown
  • Eyes: Cool pure blue, blue-green or very dark brown
  • Skin tones: Cool and fair, rosy beige, brown or blue-black

Sunlight—the soft pastels and delicious fruit shades of noon, such as Grape Nectar, Peach Parfait, Custard, Cornflower Blue, Woodrose, Cameo Green and Ivory

  • Hair: Subtle mixtures of both warm and cool tones, mostly brown or blonde
  • Eyes: Changeable combinations of blue, green or brown, often called hazel
  • Skin tones: Ivory, beige or very light brown— a mix of cool and warm

Sunset—the fiery hues that mellow into dusk, such as Amber, Sunkist Coral, Fiesta Red, Deep Periwinkle, Latte, Fern and Cream

  • Hair: Golden brown, blonde or coppery redheads
  • Eyes: Amber brown, blue or green with flecks of gold
  • Skin tone: Warm creamy beige or golden honey brown

—Information provided courtesy of Leatrice Eiseman and

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