Skin Color Theory


Creating a perfect foundation for your clients when doing makeup is essential for achieving the perfect look that also appears natural. As a makeup artist for the last 20+ years, I have taught that a perfect makeup look means using perfect makeup shades that compliment the skin tone and highlight the facial features. In addition, a natural makeup look should look just as the name implies, as if the client is the star and not the makeup. When makeup is done well, you really don’t even notice the makeup. Instead, you notice the individual. Unfortunately, when makeup is not done well, you notice the makeup.

For example, we have all likely noticed when someone has a foundation mishap where they have the classic “jawline-line demarcation” when the shade is too dark or not blended. Then, there is the incorrect hue identification of the skin tone, leading the makeup to look bronzy/orange, too yellow (even jaundice), pinkish, grey or ashy. There is also the built-up, caked-on foundation. I think for most, this is everyone’s worst nightmare. No one wants to scrape the makeup off with a spatula. Finally, there may be an incorrect formula chosen that can only enhance facial flaws or skin imperfections. I am sure you hear these concerns from your clients, but the truth is, none of us are immune to these makeup mishaps.

In this article, we are going to dive into some key identifiers that may be giving you some makeup challenges that you are not even aware of in your spa, salon or even your own bathroom.

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Jaclyn Peresetsky is an esthetician and owner of Skin Perfect Wellness Spa. She is known as the go-to expert in the greater Columbus, Ohio, area for microcurrent treatments, custom blend makeup, eyebrow design, color theory and custom skin care. She is also the author of The Power of Your Colors, and she is working on her second book, The Journey to Perfect Skin. She also has a patent-pending color identification system created to better identify unique color characteristics for choosing makeup.

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