Makeup Based on Skin Types


Skin care is the best preparation for a flawless makeup application. However, makeup artists are not always fortunate enough to work on clients that have the proper skin care in place to ensure hydration, oil control, etc. The fact is, we work on all skin types and conditions. While a client’s skin might normally be dry, oily, normal, combo or sensitive, makeup artists look at how the skin is that day, as we are not treating the skin. You will notice that the skin types discussed here are determined by how their skin presents at the time of application. This article will discuss the techniques and products needed to create a flawless look regardless of skin hydration, lack of hydration, texture, breakouts, etc.


Brittney Waugh is a licensed esthetician and makeup artist. She is the owner of Blushed by Brittney Waugh and co-owner of Willow Spa Suites. She has been a licensed instructor since 2012. She was voted Best Esthetician of OKC in 2011 by Oklahoma Magazine and Best Makeup Artist of OKC in 2019 by So6ix Magazine. Contact her at [email protected].


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