2 Makeup Looks for Valentine's Day


Valentine’s Day is full of candy hearts, flowers and romance. Pretty much everything about this holiday is inspiring when it comes to makeup. Whether your clients are single and hanging with their best pals or coupled up and going out for a romantic evening, we have some looks that will be sure to have them leaving like Valentine's Bae.

Going Sultry for a Special Someone

If your clients are looking to create a sultry look for their romantic date night with their special someone, let their eyes do the talking with a rose gold smoky eye and fresh face.

Face: Start off with a fresh clean face and prep with hydration. Try reaching for a hyaluronic acid serum to help hydrate and plump the skin and top with a light weight tinted moisturizer to help even out skin tone. Top that with a peachy base concealer to brighten up the under-eye area. Next, grab a peachy/pink cream blush or cheek tint to give the skin a healthy glow. Now it’s time to light it up, using a light shimmery highlighter which should be applied to the top of their cheekbones, under their brow bone and, of course, on the top of the lip so aptly called the cupids bow. 

Brows: Sculpt the brows using either a pencil or some light powder.A pencil is an excellent choice if they have thinner or sparse brows and they need to sketch them in. Brow powder is great to give the brow a fuller yet softer look. If your client is blessed with perfect full brows use a clear brow gel and brush them up and over to create more lift to the eye.

Eyes: Apply a lid primer in a neutral color all over the lid up to the brow bone. Then, start with their base layer of shadow by using a neutral rosy gold color. Apply that color from their lash line to their crease. Using a crease brush, grab a deeper shadow like a deep brown or even black (metallics are a perfect choice), and apply the shadow in a sideways “v” shape in the outer corner of the eye. Then, blend and blend to smoke it out. The idea is to have the darkest concentration of the shadow at their lash line and then have it fade as it reaches up towards their brow bone.

Line the eye with either black or brown liner and smudge gently. Reinforce the lower lash line by dusting the same dark shadow used in the crease all the way across. To highlight the inner corner of the eye, take a light golden shimmery shadow and dot it in the inner corner of the eyes to keep the client's eyes from appearing too close together. To finish the eyes, apply a few false lashes to the outer corner of the top lash and hit the rest with mascara. Don’t forget to apply mascara to their bottom lashes as well.

Lips: To finish the look, apply a subtle rosy pink lip tint and top with a clear gloss. With this look, your client's Valentine's Day date won’t be able to keep their eyes off of them.

Bold Moves for Single Ladies

Are your clients more in the category of single and ready to mingle with their squad on V-day? A bold lip look should do the trick for them.

Face: They should come to you with a fresh, clean face to start off their look. Skin care is very important when it comes to makeup application, so make sure they did their proper routine before you get your hands on them. Start off with primer, concealer and foundation.  Set with powder to keep things put all night long. Highlight through the center of their face, and then follow that by contouring them.  Sweep a soft pink blush over the apples of their cheeks using a fan brush. 

Eyes: Try and keep the eyes simple, since it’s all about the pout with this look. Clean up the brows with a tinted or clear brow gel. Apply a neutral or nude shadow across the lid, pump it up slightly with a black liquid liner. Line the top lid with liquid liner and finish with a small cat eye flick at the end, but try to keep this line as thin as you can. Apply mascara to the top lash and touch the bottom lashes with mascara in just the outer corner, this will help their eyes appear larger and more open.

Lips: To finish, grab a bold red lipstick. I know matching your client with that perfect Valentine's Day red can be a struggle, but this list should help make it a little easier. If your client is fairer skinned, they will typically have a pinker undertone, so select a blue-based or pink-based red. Raspberry is a perfect example. If your client is a lighter skin with a yellow undertone, choose a red that has a slight orange undertone. If your client has olive skin, reach for a brick or rust toned red. Caramel skin tones have a lot of gold in them, so the brighter the red the better. Deeper complexions can use either an orange-based red or a merlot-based red to perfect their pout. Once you have their color selected, line and fill the lips with a complimentary lip liner and then top with their red lipstick. Rocking this look will for sure have cupid's arrows flying your way!

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Global educator Hannah Hatcher effortlessly blends her artistic side with a love for urban trends, fashion and music to create unique out-of-the-box ideas for the Jane Iredale brand. With more than 20 years in the beauty industry, her fascination with all things skin has helped establish her as a sought-after skin care expert. Prior to joining Jane Iredale in 2014, Hannah worked for Dermalogica, Bumble and Bumble and Sephora. She has also worked at New York Fashion Week. Now based in Brooklyn, Hannah teaches Jane Iredale education classes across the United States and northern Europe.

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