Brow Chica Brow Brow: Shaping Tips for Clients' Faces


Different brow shapes are constantly going in and out of trend. However, the most attractive brow for your client will always be the one that matches their face shape. Kelley Baker, celebrity brow expert and founder of Kelley Baker Brows, gave some of her tips on how to shape your different clients' brows.

Shaping Clients Brows

Act natural. Kelley suggests following the client's natural eyebrow as much as possible. When suggesting for more drastic brow shaping changes, Kelley recommends "starting slow and gradually moving from one desired shape to the next." 

Be careful with sparse brows. When dealing with clients who have sparse brows, be very careful with how you tweeze and wax. Kelley also recommends to her own clients with sparse brows to not pluck or touch-up their brows in-between appointments.

Don't always pluck. For some hairs that are out of place, opt to trim them instead of going straight to plucking them away. 

Brush and trim. Don't forget to brush up your client's brow hairs and trim them as well.

Shaping Brows to Match Client's Faces

Round face. Go for a slight arch. The small arch will give the face an overall lift to add more definition to the other features.

Heart-Shaped face. Stick to rounded or low-arched brows. This kind of curve better compliments the face shape because it flows with it instead of stands out against it.

Oval face. Aim for a soft angled brow for this face shape. It pairs very nicely and compliments the features.

Long face. Elongate the tail on this brow while choosing between a high or low arch. This elongated tail will help to balance out the client's features.

Square face. Work to soften the brows by rounding them out. This type of shape will provide a nice contrast to the face shape.

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