Waxing Maintenance Guide for Your Clients


While spa doors are remaining closed, it's a terrifying thought that all of your loyal waxing clients may switch back to shaving. This could cause problems with ingrown hairs, hairs growing in different directions and more. That is why Shay Adrolashrafi, esthetician for Waksē, is providing tips for her clients on how to achieve easy at-home waxing success. 

Helping your clients know how to wax at home with the right waxing tools, will keep there hairy situation maintained and kempt until they can come see you again. Adrolashrafi also provides her tips on what to avoid to make sure her clients are following proper waxing protocols until they can come back to the spa.

How to Prep for Waxing

Make sure your clients understand how important it is to prep their skin, the wax and the tools they will be using before they being their at-home waxing treatment. Adrolashrafi provided her guidelines you can provide your clients including: 

Exfoliate. Prep the skin well before waxing by gently exfoliating your skin 24 to 48 hours before and after you wax.
Don't shave. Stop shaving at least two weeks prior to waxing to let your hair grow approximately ¼ inch. To better guide your clients, emphasize how important the perfect length of hair is so that it is not too long or too short. Have them compare it to a grain of rice. This will help the wax easily and more efficiently remove unwanted hairs.
Stop moisturizing. Make sure you stop moisturizing the day before your at-home waxing to avoid leaving an oily film on the skin, as this makes it more difficult for the wax to adhere to the skin.
Perfect the wax temp. You will know the wax is ready for use when it is warm to the touch, but not hot, and has the consistency of honey. You want to make sure when applying that it glides easily over the skin.
Plan ahead. Don’t wax if you are on your monthly menstrual as your skin tends be more sensitive and can be more painful.
What to avoid. Avoid waxing over cuts, burns, moles and pimples on your skin as this can cause skin trauma and possible infections.

At-home Waxing Guide

Step 1. When waxing areas of the body like bikini line and underarm, to avoid sweat from happening, use a talc free powder to keep skin dry and ensure the wax will easily glide over skin and successfully remove all unwanted hairs.

Step 2. Apply a thick, banana peel like strip with firm pressure in the direction of your hair growth.

Step 3. At the very end of your strip, create a half circle for an easy and less painful removal.

Note: If in the process the wax becomes stringy, it’s simply an indication that the wax is cold and will need a bit more heating time to become the perfect consistency.

Step 4. Section the area that you’re waxing evenly. If you are waxing your full face, start with your sideburns, then move to your cheeks, chin, lower and upper lips and finally eyebrows.

Step 5. Touch up to ensure an even result.

Note: If the hairs are too stubborn and won't remove after applying the wax within the direction of hair growth try the opposite direction as this helps with coarse and stiff hairs to remove easily.

Waxing Post-care

For at home waxing post-care, Adrolashrafi recommends using a serum to soothe and hydrate the waxed area. Inform your clients of specific ingredients that can stop the formation of ingrown hairs. This is also a great time to try and sell some retail.

To avoid any skin irritation happening after waxing, wear loose and comfortable clothing as this speeds up the skin’s healing process.

When providing this guide or recommending at-home waxing services to your client, gauge their interest in a virtual session so you can walk them through it step by step. This is also an opportunity where you could charge them a discounted service fee for your time in showing them how to wax. Also, emphasize with them how this is a maintenance plan until you can wax them again. This way all of your hard work with your loyal waxing client doesn't go to waste and after they have waxed themselves, they will be very excited to have you, the professional, take it from there. 

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