Menopause Brings New Skin Care Concerns

The concerns listed by menopausal women below probably reflect those of your baby boomer clients. If your clientele is mainly made up of women 50 or older, consider adding more treatments and products to help address them.

If there was ever a question whether screen queen Meryl Streep has still got it, cast it aside. According to The Effects of Menopause on the Skin, a new survey of women 50 years of age and older, 46% singled out Streep as the celebrity who best personifies "50 + Fabulous." NBC's TODAY show host Kathie Lee Gifford took the first runner-up spot, followed by other Hollywood big wigs: Sigourney Weaver, Madonna, Helen Mirren and Kim Cattrall.

Other findings of the survey, sponsored by Vichy Laboratoires, show that out of 686 women surveyed above the age of 50:

  • 82% reported they experienced changes in the appearance of their skin—including increased dryness, increased wrinkles and a sagging neck—once they entered menopause.
  • 53% reported the most common issue they faced after entering menopause was dry skin, followed closely by an increase in wrinkles and a sagging neck.
  • 67% reported that entering menopause caused them to change their beauty routine by purchasing new skin care and color cosmetic products to address these issues.

Survey methodology

These findings are from a telephone survey conducted among 686 female adults above the age of 50. Interviewing for this survey was completed during the period February 26–28, 2010. Opinion Research Corporation of Princeton, NJ, conducted the fieldwork.

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