4 Steps to Youthful Hands

hands skin care

Our hands have been through a rough year of constant washing and lots of alcohol-based sanitizers. This can take a toll on the look of client's hands; however these four steps from Health Essentials can keep client's hands looking young and fresh.

1. Protect

While SPF on the face is important, the rest of the body tends to get neglected. SPF 50+ is a good base for protection from the sun for client's hands. It is even recommend to wear gloves for prolonged outdoor exposure or when cleaning.

2. Moisturize

Keeping hands hydrated can help avoid the skin from becoming loose. Lotions or thick creams can help the skin retain its elasticity.

3. Exfoliate

Client's hands need some exfoliation just as much as their face.

Hand and cosmetic surgeon Bryan Michelow, M.D. recommends using a mixture of lemon and sugar to exfoliate and tone the skin. 

4. Correct

Serums and treatments aren't exclusive to the face as these can be used on the hands as well. Common concerns for the hands tend to be age spots or sun spots.

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