How to Get a Clean and Odorless Armpit


Armpits can be overlooked, especially in the winter when it's hidden under jackets. But as the sun begins to shine and arms come out out, it's time for some armpit TLC. Well and Good spoke with a dermatologist to uncover some helpful tips for the pits. 

1. Exfoliate

Exfoliating the armpits is great to remove dead skin cells or to prepare for a clean shave. The skin is a little more sensitive there, so make sure clients are doing this gently and not everyday.

2. Shave

This step is optional, but for clients that plan to shave, make sure the skin is prepped with shaving cream and they have a good razor. 

3. Moisturize

Just like the rest of the skin, the armpit needs some moisture after a shower. While all skin can benefit from the moisturizer, this is super helpful for those with extra sensitive skin under their arms.

4. Post Shower Care

Have clients figure out what works best for them, it can range from antiperspirants to deodorants or antibacterial products. According to Well and Good, the difference is:

  • deodorants won’t impact sweat but will protect against odor,

  • antiperspirants work to keep sweat at bay by blocking pores and signaling to the body to produce less sweat,

  • antibacterial destroys the bacteria creates an odor when mixed with sweat.

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