Grand Velas Adds Tequila into Four Hands Massage


The Grand Velas in Los Cabos, Mexico tapped into Mexican culture and tradition to launch The Four-Hand Tequila and Nopal Massage (80 min., $399), which features an energy purification ritual as well as an ancestral stretching technique and a seven step water journey. The treatment also includes shots of Tea Forte and healthy snacks provided by a spa valet.

The Treatment

Pre-Treatment: The treatment begins with a pre-treatment ceremony that calls the four elements into the treatment to purify the energy in the treatment room. Sage is used to represent the earth, a floating candle represents fire and water and a feather represents the air.

Step 1: One of the spa therapists uses a Mexican shawl to release muscle tension by performing some ancestral techniques of stretching. 

Step 2: The other spa therapist applies a tequila rub to seal the skin.

Step 3: A mask made with nopal is applied to the hands and feet. 

Seven Step Water Journey: With this treatment, there is a water journey that features a eucalyptus-scented steam room with chromotherapy, polar pool, aromatherapy sensory shower, sauna, Jacuzzi and multi-sensory pool.

Treatment Benefits

The blue agave used in the tequila rub is native to Mexico, and it provides the skin with anti-inflammatory as well as antiseptic benefits. The nopal used in the mask helps to soften the hands and the feet through the use of high emollient properties. 

The hydrotherapy session as well as the stretching also provides deep relaxation benefits. There is a guide provided to guest to show them how to experience the most out of the water journey by showing them how to alternate between hot and cold rooms. 

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