Discovering the Benefits of Body Combing with Crystals


Crystals and crystal tools have become more powerful in the treatment room, being added as a wellness bonus in facials and massages. Factual evidence has been shown to back up the claims that crystals can benefit the body, skin, mind and spirit, so it's no wonder that the latest craze in crystals in really emphasizing the body benefits. 

Body combing is the latest wellness trend that has come to light, and it is a combination of crystal healing and ancient Chinese medicine called gua sha. The combination of the two help to promote lymphatic drainage in the body. 

Feeling Gua Sha Gorgeous

Body combing is designed to be an extension of gua sha that provides a deeper massage and uses crystal-infused tools.1 When providing this treatment to a client, the purpose is to use massage techniques around the meridian of the body starting with the 12 major meridian channels at the head.1

It is important to access these meridian channels and massage them because they are where qi is more accessible, which is where acupuncture and acupressure points are stimulated.1 This trend is taking the hype of using a jade or rose quarts roller on your face and taking it to the next level.

The regular use of body combing can also help to reduce cellulite and aid in skin firmness and smoothness.Chinese medicine also believes that to treat one part of the body you have to treat the entire body, and in China, meridian combs are used by health care practitioners and spa therapists.1 This eastern medicine practice believes that disease and health issues start at an energetic level, so the comb helps to unblock energy channels and release stagnation.1

Why Lymphatic Drainage

Providing manual lymphatic drainage is performed in both eastern and western healing treatments, with western medicine using specific massage techniques to perform it. The concept behind lymphatic drainage is to speed healing in the body while also helping with detoxification.3

In an interview with Glamour magazine, Abigail James, celebrity esthetician, explained "[lymphatic drainage] boosts circulation, brings fresh nutrients through blood flow to the skin, supports healthy cell production, as well as allowing you to take a little moment for yourself."3

The Body Combing Break Down

When it comes to strengthening the body's Wei Qi, defensive qi, to support immunity and reinforce skin texture, it is important to follow the meridian channels of the body. This means that the direction of brushing is different than the typical western body brushing.1

Be sure to provide some kind of oil or water to the skin to make sure it is lubricated before starting this treatment, whether you are performing it on a client or on yourself.1 When choosing which side of the comb to use, determine how "tough" you would like to be on the skin. The smooth side tends to be gentler and better for starting before switching to the grooved side of the body comb.2

Start at the neck, taking the comb downward and outward on either shoulder; then, follow the middle line of the spine and stroke all the way down the back.1 Follow this by working in outward motions on each side of the body. Once you are done with the back, move on to the chest, following a similar approach. Finish the body combing experience by press-stroking down the outside of your arms and then down the front and back of your legs.1


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