Treatment How-to: The Green Tea and Lime Leaf Body Exfoliate with Vichy Treatment

The antioxidant blend used during The Green Tea and Lime Leaf Body Exfoliate with Vichy Treatment assists with soothing anxiety, improving circulation, restoring energy and revitalizing the skin.

Treatment duration: 50 minutes

Treatment cost: $105

Ingredients needed for green tea and lime leaf exfoliate:

1 cup fine-grade Dead Sea salts

1/2 cup grape seed oil

2 drops green tea extract

2 drops green tea and lime leaf customized essential oil

Other product:

1/4 cup green tea-lime leaf shea body butter

Equipment and supplies needed:

Vichy shower table

Wet treatment room

6 regularly sized towels

1 full-sized body towel

Small bowl

Mixing utensil

Massage room

Massage table


Room setup:

The Vichy table should be set up with one towel for beneath the body, one towel that acts as a cushion for the head and one full-sized body towel for appropriate coverage of the client. Once the table is complete, prepare the body exfoliate using the small bowl and mixing utensil. Mix the green tea and lime leaf exfoliate, combining the salts, grape seed oil, green tea extract and the green tea and lime leaf customized essential oil. Warm the exfoliate and body butter by running hot water into the sink and placing the bowls in the hot water. Lastly, set a towel in a convenient place for client to use to dry off after using the Vichy shower.

Step 1: Before the service, ask the client to complete a health history form.

Step 2: Greet client in the relaxation room and address any health issues or concerns that have been noted on health history. Ensure your client is not allergic to any of the ingredients added in the exfoliate. Note that cleansing and exfoliation spa therapies are not recommended for those who are pregnant, or suffer from heart disease, irregular blood pressure, open wounds, highly sensitive skin or have shaved 24 hours before to the treatment.

Step 3: Before beginning the service, make sure all client questions and concerns are answered.

Step 4: Inform the client that you will be stepping out of the room for her to disrobe and ask her to lie faceup under the body towel on the table.

Step 5: After allowing sufficient time for the client to get comfortable, return to the room and ensure that your client is warm and comfortable.

Step 6: Gently apply the green tea and lime leaf exfoliate to the body, starting at the feet and working your way up the body to the chest. Apply the scrub in a circular upward motion toward the heart, along with an effleurage technique to ensure proper lymphatic drainage.

Step 7: Once the exfoliant has been applied to the front of the body, ask the client to sit up while keeping the towel in place in order to exfoliate the back and gluteus. Repeat method described in Step 6.

Step 8: Ask client to remain sitting up while you warm the hand control to a desired temperature to rinse off the exfoliate.

Step 9: After rinsing, help client lie back down on a clean towel before proceeding to Vichy rinse.

Step 10: Turn on the Vichy shower allowing the water to reach a desired temperature before pulling it over your client. Request that the client lets you know if the temperature is too warm or cold, and adjust it to her needs.

Step 11: Once the temperature is correct, position the showerheads to hit all the body parts. Make sure all the showerheads are on and trickling on your client at all times.

Step 12: Pat your client’s face as needed in order to keep the face dry and comfortable from the Vichy’s water spray.

Step 13: Allow five minutes of relaxing water massage for the client while you make sure all the salts are dissolved, leaving no exfoliate on the skin. After five minutes, turn off the Vichy shower and push it away from client.

Step 14: Pat the client dry and assist her in sitting upright before leaving the room to allow the client time to dry off and slip on her robe in private.

Step 15: Meet your client in the hallway with a glass of lemon water and escort her to the massage room for the remainder of the service. Ask your client to lie facedown under the top sheet, as you will now be completing her service with a 25-minute Swedish massage.

Step 16: Once the client has disrobed, return to the room and administer the Swedish massage for 25 minutes using the green tea and lime leaf shea body butter. Ask the client to turn over in the middle of the service to complete the massage while she is faceup.

Step 17: Once you have completed the massage, inform your client in a soft voice that her service is now complete. Let her know you are leaving the room to allow her time to re-robe when she feels ready.

Step 18: Greet the client outside the room with another glass of lemon water. Walk her back to the relaxation room, where she may relax before leaving the spa.

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