The Importance of Feminine Wellness


Do you know that taking pH of a woman’s vagina regularly can improve their quality of life, prevent degenerative disease and expand her lifespan? Breakthroughs have been happening in feminine wellness, and consumers are now seeking products in this category. Whether you offer treatments or waxing for the female intimate area, it is important to be knowledgeable on the health and wellness of this region to not only provide effective treatments but also recommend at-home care to ensure your client’s well-being.


The majority of literature confirms that vaginal pH should be anywhere from 4.2 to 4.5. This is incorrect. Our research demonstrates that if a woman is within that range, they can actually present symptoms like fatigue, memory loss, lack of energy, bloating, gas, joint pain, eczema, psoriasis and many other degenerative diseases.

It is important for the microbiome to be in symbiosis to have an optimal pH.

There are a number of reasons vaginal pH changes (see Factors Affecting Vaginal pH). Because of those reasons, vaginal pH is altered and women become unhealthy. The optimal vaginal pH is between 3.8 and 4.1.

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Manon Pilon is a medical spa consultant and the international director of education of Nelly De Vuyst and Derme & Co. She has more than 35 years in the spa industry and wrote her own book, Anti-aging The Cure: Based On Your Body Type.

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