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Knesko Skin Launches 4 Gemclinical Intuitive Healing Facial Rituals

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Knesko Skin has announced the launch of its Signature Gemclinical Intuitive Healing Facial Rituals featuring masks: Nano-gold Repair Facial Ritual, for intuition; Diamond Radiance Facial Ritual, for connection; Rose Quartz Antioxidant Facial Ritual, for love; and Black Pearl Detox Facial Ritual, for grounding.

Knesko Skin has announced the launch of its Signature Gemclinical Intuitive Healing Facial Rituals featuring masks from their precious and semi-precious gemstone collections.

The new rituals feature the iconic Reiki-infused Gemclinical masks and Knesko’s proprietary “Maskâge” technique to simultaneously mask and massage. The rituals provide a unique experience that engages sight, smell and touch.

Knesko’s Gemclinical Intuitive Healing Facial Rituals balance science and spirituality—treating the skin holistically and naturally with the healing powers of gemstones, minerals and reiki energy.

In addition to addressing the visible signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, dryness, puffiness and uneven skin tone, the rituals help to rebalance the chakra energies within the body.

The 50 to 60-minute facial includes Knesko Collagen Face Mask and Lip Mask and a pair of Gemstone Rollers. The 80 to 90-minute facial includes Knesko Face, Lip, Neck and Décolleté Masks, Eye Mask Over Eye Lids and a pair of Gemstone Rollers.

Knesko Gemclinical Facial Rituals:

  • Intuition | Nano-gold Repair Facial Ritual: Meditate on having the courage and faith to trust your inner voice to balance the third eye to increase intuitive wisdom.
  • Connection | Diamond Radiance Facial Ritual: Meditate on having the desire and faith to feel more connection with your higher self and the universe as a whole. Balance the crown chakra to allow joy into your heart and trust divine guidance.
  • Love | Rose Quartz Antioxidant Facial Ritual: Meditate on having more love and compassion towards yourself. Open your heart chakra to give and receive more love.
  • Grounding | Black Pearl Detox Facial Ritual: Meditate on feeling connected and more grounded with mother earth. Opening your root chakra to feel more secure and grounded.

“Our team and guests are loving the Solstice Gemstone Knesko facial ritual,” said Rebecca Eivens director of spa and salon, Four Seasons Resort and Club Dallas at Las Colinas. “The natural gemstones allow for going deeper, beyond the facial’s already wonderful physical benefits. Esthetician and guest can connect through the energies of the gemstones into a place of mental and emotional balance. The overall effects have been a more impactive state of relaxation for a more positive and memorable spa experience!”

“It is so gratifying that our spa partners are adding our Rituals to their menus with great results,” said Lejla Cas, president and founder of Knesko Skin. “Spas have always viewed Knesko masks as a complete, results-driven, luxury treatment but now they are discovering the spiritual side of the brand. The Rituals take these treatments to the next level by delivering a transformational experience. Guests leave the treatment room like their mind and spirit have been addressed along with their skin. The rituals allow therapists the choice to meet the guest where they are by diving deep into the spiritual aspects of the treatment, or taking an approach focusing on the clinical side of the brand and visible benefits.”