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KM Herbals Launches Wellness Products to Fight COVID-19

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KM Herbals launched three sanitation-based wellness products in an effort to reduce the spread of the coronavirus: Aroma Hand Sanitizer Plus, Aroma Purifying Spray and Aroma Pure Hand Soap.

KM Herbals skin care has announced the release of a three-product line of aromatherapy and plant-based products to equip the community against the increased risk of the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Hand sanitizer, air purifying spray and hand soap form a trio of formulas rich in naturally antibacterial and antimicrobial essential oils to cleanse and create peace of mind.

  • Aroma Hand Sanitizer Plus – 65% organic grape (ethyl) alcohol
    • Massage into hands to cleanse, moisturize and enjoy the aroma of rose geranium, rosemary and tea tree.
  • Aroma Purifying Spray - 98% organic grape (ethyl) alcohol
    • Spritz into the air to purify and enjoy the aroma of lemongrass, lavender and tea tree.
  • Aroma Pure Hand Soap - 10% organic grape (ethyl) alcohol
    • Suds up and enjoy the aroma of peppermint, sage and tea tree.

“From the moment the potential impact of this virus was understood, our team knew this needed to be a priority,” Bonnie Campbell, director of marketing at KM Herbals, said. “Our founder, Kim Manley, reminded us that, ‘we have the products that can help people–it’s what we do.’ Her conviction and determination to make these effective and accessible during a time of need inspired the KM Herbals team to work with resolve toward that end–and we are confident in the result!”