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Blu Spas Launch Blu Revu to Help Spas Navigate Reopening

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Blu Spas' Blu Revu is designed to help wellness, spa and fitness locations navigate redeveloping operation plans in the post-pandemic era.

Blu Spas, Inc. has announced the creation of Blu Revu to enable wellness, spa and fitness leaders to make educated decisions about their development plans, including critical post-COVID considerations.

Informed by Blu Spas’ decades of experience designing award-winning, profitable spas worldwide, the Blu Revu offers a supporting role during these difficult times to ensure project planning is appropriate for the desired guest experience and hotel, club or day spa type.

The overarching intent of the Blu Revu is to avoid costly and guest-disappointing errors.

Blu Revu’s offerings include an a la carte selection designed to let owners, operators and designers choose exactly what services they need, provide information they are missing or unsure of and to get a no-nonsense review of their wellness project.

“Whether it’s a quick review of a layout, ensuring a design matches a concept or a technical review of drawings to confirm or mark-up the electrical and plumbing, the Blu Revu services are a ‘stop gap’ measure for a temporary in-and-out process with drastically reduced fees,” said Blu Spas, Inc. principal Cary Collier.

Blu Spas, Inc. principal Doug Chambers adds, “In response to our changing times, we’ve realized the need for broader accessibility and more flexibility to our project planning services. Specifically, our objective is to support those who are working on spa, fitness and wellness projects.”