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Bernhard Mayer-Klenk Dies at 78

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Bernhard Mayer-Klenk, founder of Kemitron GmbH and inventor of the experience shower, has passed away at 78-years-old.

Bernhard Mayer-Klenk, founder of Kemitron GmbH and inventor of the Experience Shower, has passed away at 78-years-old.

His internationally-recognized company provided the spa industry with innovative products, many of which were powered by Mayer-Klenk’s curiosity and creativity. In addition to the first experience shower, Mayer-Klenk invented fragrance dosing pumps, automatic sauna infusion systems, salt inhalation systems and more.

Many of his inventions were the result of his desire to fulfill guests’ every need and his innovations were fueled by his intimate industry knowledge and close relationships with his clients.

Founded in 1977, Kemitron initially provided cleaning and disinfectant products to public swimming pools, but quickly evolved as Mayer-Klenk saw the opportunity to expand into spa and wellness sectors. His true passion was for fragrance, leading to Kemitron becoming well-known for its high-quality essential oils and fragrance dosing systems–an essential element in the evolution of the experience shower.

His devotion to family has played a large role in the company. Mayer-Klenk’s wife, Ingeborb, has been involved with the company since its founding and remains the key advisor, while day-to-day management was passed on to his son, Stephan, a decade ago. He is also survived by his daughter, Susanne, and three grandchildren.

He will be missed. René Pier, a long-time collaborator and inspirational influence, honored him with this poem:

“A life, a breath of fragrance

With great expertise, the best ingredients composed

With much kindness of heart and humility to the absoluteness of nature

Grounded with both legs ...... and vanished in the wind

But as with any great fragrance, the emotional impression remains,

the eternal memory.”