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A Good Influence With Stefanie Spirk

Contact Author Kristen Wegrzyn September 2014 issue of Skin Inc. magazine

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Stefanie Spirk

S. Spirk

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Stefanie Spirk, owner of South Lincoln Esthetics, is a licensed esthetician and national educator for Repêchage. She received her esthetics license at The Aveda Institute in Minneapolis in 2003. After managing a luxury spa, in 2011, Spirk opened her one-room skin care facility within a dermatology clinic. She was recently rewarded with the Repêchage President’s Award of Excellence—Esthetician of the Year 2014.

Q: What inspires you?

A: “My inspiration comes from within. Growing up, I suffered with acne, which hindered my self-esteem, but most people didn’t know it. I became good at covering it up with makeup and my personality. The real reason I became an esthetician was for me ... It’s been rewarding to share my skin care knowledge with my clients to help them make healthy lifestyle and skin care choices.”

Favorite treatment

“Microdermabrasion with oxygen infusion [helps] my clients who have acne scars ... With patience and understanding, it is doubly rewarding to see my clients’ skin and confidence become repaired through a series of treatments.”

Skin care mentors

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“My grandmother taught me how to have a servant’s heart. My parents have shown me the importance of a spiritual lifestyle. I learned Ayurvedic wisdom from Horst Rechelbacher. I have gained a basic understanding of dermatology from Rodney Basler, MD.”

Guiding clients

“I believe, as skin care providers, we have the ability and the platform to recognize how stress is impacting our clients. Guiding our clients to make healthy lifestyle choices is important. True beauty comes from within.”

Staying current

“I enjoy traveling to attend industry trade shows and conferences. I also subscribe to several industry publications ... And I love to experience spa services. This helps me discover new techniques—and sometimes what not to do.”

Client feedback

“Clients appreciate my professionalism, attention to detail, and the individual care I provide during services. Being a good esthetician is caring about how you make your clients feel. In return, my clients provide excellent word-of-mouth recommendations.”

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