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Multifunctional Products Feed Probiotic Market

Consumer demand for multifunctional skin care is helping the probiotic market to grow, according to Research and Markets.

Beauty Trends to Try in 2018

Learn the different 2018 beauty trends that are going to be on the rise. See what different skin care, makeup and hair trends everyone is going to be in love with.

Colorado Spa Combines Oral Hygiene With Skin Care

Facetté is a medical spa that opened in Fort Collins on January 2018. This medical spa includes injectable treatments, laser and skin rejuvenation, LED therapy, dental hygiene and skin care treatments.

Gin-Inspired Botanical Spa Opens in Glasglow

Gin was the inspiration for The Gin Spa, which recently opened in Glasgow, Scotland. Treatments use botanical inspiration, and a gin and tonic is included with each service.

Money-Making Marketing Strategies

"The difference between marketing and advertising is that for marketing you have to get off your butt to get the money."

3 Tips for Dealing with Clients with Self-image Issues

Sandra Dubose, who has alopecia areata, shared the story of her life and struggles and offered advice to those working in the salon and spa industries on dealing with clients struggling with self-image issues.

3 Trends for Tomorrow’s Skin Care

As skin care moves toward higher efficacy and new uses for familiar elements, Image Skincare's Janna Ronert identified three emerging trends for skin care ingredients and concepts.

Global Wellness Institute Predicts a Backlash to Digital Addiction

Interrogating our relationship with technology will trend big in 2018.

The Esthetician's Guide to Outstanding Esthetics

What steps are you willing to take to bring your esthetic journey to the next level? Becky Kuehn, Mary Nielsen, Melinda McHenry and Maxine Drake discuss their career-changing experiences and how they can impact you.

Cause for Concern? IDFPR's New Esthetic Rules

Susanne Schmaling, Alex Thiersch and Terri Wojak discussed the IDFPR's newly released list of prohibited treatments, which include chemical peels and microdermabrasion.

CIDESCO Launches First Signature Experience Treatments

CIDESCO is launching its first signature experience treatments, the Age-defying Facial and the CIDESCO Pure Relaxation Top-to-Toe Body Experience.

5 Ways to Help Drive Service and Retail Sales in Spas

Five missing pieces that have a major impact on driving service and retail sales in spas and how to fix them.

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