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$pa Marketing: Calendar Your Way to Success

If you're finding your lacking in marketing success you could simply be missing a a big one. See how writing down your goals could actually be the key step you're missing in your marketing routine.

Olympic Skier to Bring Scandinavian Spa to the Empire State

Currently called Scandinavian Spa Ellicottville and slated to begin construction spring 2019, it will include a variety of dry and Banya spas, massage rooms, steam rooms and cold plunges.

Canadian Couple Climb into the Wellness Sphere

Modern Wellness’ offerings include Biometric services, red light therapy and performance coaching.

It’s 5:00 Somewhere! The Four Seasons Chicago Debuts Spa Happy Hour

Available Monday through Thursday, 3:00 pm-6:00 pm, the service allows guests to choose two 25-minute services.

California Spa Adds Buzzy Bud to its Menu

The Spa at the Estate Yountville will incorporate Mana Artisan Botanics’ Hemp Massage Oil Concentrate into a CBD massage; guests can also enjoy tea with the company’s hemp honey.

Rich Girl Face Leaves Clients Boasting About Treatments

Rich Girl Face is a term coined by Dirk Kremer, a plastic surgeon on Harley Street, that deals with younger clients boasting about the cosmetic procedures they are receiving.

Cambodia Spa Says No To Plastic

Sustainability is a growing area of interest in the spa industry, and Samanea Beach Resort & Spa has taken a particularly large interest in becoming more sustainable by implementing a no-plastic program.

[update] New Law Permits Sunscreen Use By Minors at School

The need for such legislation arose from concerned dermatologists and reports in the media of students being required to carry a note or prescription in order to possess or use sunscreen.

Mastering Bridal Accommodations

Once a bride says I do, it's time for you to say I do as well to giving her the best spa experience. Learn how to totally master bridal accommodations for a happy client and bride.

Skin Essentials for Flying

Your skin does not take flying lightly, but we've got some basic steps that will make taking care of your skin while flying as easy as 1, 2, 3.

Stories of Success…Manon Pilon

Manon Pilon has been in the spa industry for over 35 years, so we sat down with her to learn all about her story and how she made changes to the industry.

Live the (Very) Lush Life in Liverpool

Housing the company’s entire makeup range (and with space for more than 9 million bath bombs), Lush Liverpool also includes a spa, hair and perfumery labs and even a permanent florist.

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