All About Acne: Becoming an Acne Expert

Woman checking her acne in mirror
Skin Inc. deep dives into everything acne in a two part series with Face Reality Skincare

Skin Inc. was joined by Alex Hernandez and Kelsey Duque from Face Reality Skincare in the first of a two part series on the Sounds Like Spa podcast. For June, we are taking a deep dive into everything acne. In this first part of the series, we start by addressing acne as a general subject before diving into specifics. Hernandez and Duque share their extensive knowledge on acne, as well as share their tips on how you can advance your knowledge on acne as a spa professional. 

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This episode covers the following topics: 

  • A breakdown on acne
  • How to become an acne expert
  • Stigmas that surround acne
  • How you can address acne with your clients

Here is a sneak peak at a glimpse of the podcast, but you can find the rest of the episode on Spotify or Amazon Music

Check out the full episode: All About Acne: Becoming an Acne Expert ft. Alex Hernandez and Kelsey Duque....part 1

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