Myndstream’s New Spiritus Series Showcases Relaxing Music and Breathwork

Myndstream Spiritus breathwork series
Spiritus’ five, 10 and 15-minute guided breathwork sessions utilize deeply relaxing instrumentals composed by Grammy award-winning musician and composer Peter Kater.
Photo Courtesy of Myndstream

Myndstream has introduced Spiritus, a breathwork series by Grammy award-winning musician and composer Peter Kater. The series will be held on The Stream. which is home to more than 60 soundscapes curated by mood and treatment outcome, empowering users to leverage music as a therapeutic tool in helping them achieve clients' desired outcomes. The series launched at the International Spa Association (ISPA) Conference in Phoenix, Arizona.

Spiritus’ five, 10 and 15-minute guided sessions utilize deeply relaxing instrumentals for more advanced clients to do their breathwork. As the demand for combined modality treatments rises, this new breathwork series perfectly complements other therapies such as Vibro-Acousticbeds and Salt therapy rooms. Alternatively, therapists can choose the 5-minute practice as a preface to treatments to help clients peel away the stress of the day and ease into the relaxation of the treatment or as an end to a session setting them up for the day ahead.

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Beyond the launch of the new breathwork series, Myndstream has partnered with industry leaders across the wellness space; SALT Chamber Inc, Oakworks, Circadia and Living Earth Crafts to showcase the power of music in creating multisensory experiences.

ISPA attendees were able to experience Myndstream's collaborations with SALT Chamber, Oakworks and Circadia. The series demonstrated multiple modalities for enhancing health and well-being through vibroacoustic therapies, facials, soundscapes and relaxation techniques. 

Myndstream's founder Freddie Moross said, “We’re thrilled to share Peter’s transformative breathwork series on The Stream—a platform that continues to support spas and therapists on enhancing the client experience by creating unforgettable and immersive wellness experiences through sound. It’s these value-adding, differentiating experiences that get people talking and keep them coming back for more”

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