New Report Examines Body Care Trends

New information from a report by Mintel shows how the economic shift has affected body care, as well as how spas stack up against more DIY-oriented products.

Since a jump in sales in 2005, induced by the launch of Jergens Natural Glow, the body care market has been unable to capture that excitement again, with the result being smaller growth in subsequent years, leading to a decline in 2008. Manufacturers have attempted to spark consumer interest through line extensions featuring exotic scents and added enhancements such as shimmer, which may help to fuel this market, particularly as consumers battered by a weak economy turn to DIY solutions for body care rather than salons or spas.

This report from Mintel Oxygen examines the following market topics:

  • The manner in which manufacturers have emphasized new ingredients and the role of science in order to sell product.
  • An assessment of recent marketplace activity, highlights of sales results, and projections of where the market is headed, including a look at new developments in the “beauty from within” market.

Mintel’s exclusive consumer research reveals habits and product preferences of category users, showing that while user penetration is high, particular insights with regard to attitudes and motivation can help the savvy manufacturer determine how to best target different categories of consumers.

There is also an analysis of advertising of body care products, with an eye toward the effectiveness of current marketing campaigns, many of which are centered around a so-called “scientific” approach.

Additionally, an analysis and assessment of brand preferences shows how this market is shifting and changing as it absorbs the impact of a shattered economy that has consumers trading down as needed, even in the personal care aisles.

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