Searches Increase 300% For 'How To Cure Acne Fast'

Searches for 'how to get rid of pimples on chin overnight' increased 2,500%.
Searches for "how to get rid of pimples on chin overnight" increased 2,500%.

By analyzing more than 4,000 search queries over the past year, Tanologist has curated a list of the most searched for acne related questions.

The following searches include the growth year-over-year, from May 2020 to May 2021.

  • How to get rid of pimples on chin overnight- 2,500%

  • How to remove spots from face in two days naturally- 1,700%

  • How to treat hormonal acne naturally- 586%

  • How to get rid of acne overnight guaranteed- 586%

  • How to get rid of spots overnight with home remedies- 400%

  • How to stop stress acne- 200%

  • How to cover acne scars with makeup- 400%

  • How to hide spots without makeup- 150%

  • How do you stop acne breakouts- 100%

  • Where spots are and what they mean- 267%

  • Why is sudocrem good for acne- 200%

  • How long does lymecycline take to clear acne- 200%

  • How to reduce redness of pimples in a hour- 300%

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