Skin Care Tips for Every Client

skin care tips for clients

There are three important steps to help encourage clients when they begin their skin care routines. These are common mistakes that Southern Living has noted, and can be used to help a client.

Learn The Skin Type

Skin is not a one-size fits all deal. It can be more than one thing at a time. Clients can have acne and dry skin, so it's important to really diagnose the skin before starting anything. Treating one issue might harm the other. 

This is why knowing the cause of a problem is important as well. 

Switch It Up

Your skin care routine changes. In the winter it may need more moisture compared to summer. This also includes night and day, so make sure clients are mindful of their skin and taking note on what it needs. 

Take It Slow

Making sure clients don't go overboard on their skin care is essential to really taking care of their skin. Too much of anything can end up causing more harm than good. Moderation and listening to their skin are keys to healthy skin.

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