Baby Got Bath


Just when you thought spas couldn’t cater to any more of our needs, some beautiful geniuses launched baby spas. While babies don’t exactly live stressful lives, they do benefit developmentally from baby-focused spa services, such as hydrotherapy and massage.

Spas like Float Baby in Houston, Spa Baby Perth and Baby Spa Luxe in Hong Kong cater to babies up to six months. Hydrotherapy, in which the babies don a baby-safe floatation device around the neck while floating in warm water, allows babies to increase muscular and skeletal strength while increasing cognitive development with critical cross-crawl patterns.

“Subtle water pressure on the chest not only increases lung capacity, but also strengthens the respiratory system,” said Kristi Ison, founder of Float Baby. “Regular sessions benefit the cardiovascular system and improve blood flow to the heart. After a session, the top three results most mommies experience for their babies are eating, sleeping and poo-ing!”  

Ison adds that while the spa is for babies, parents enjoy the time out of the house during what can be an isolating first few months. The environment is nurturing and supportive for all. 

While baby spas are an emerging trend, she believes the trend will continue to gain popularity and even offers an online instructional course for individuals wanting to open their own baby spa. 

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