Samsung Identifies Skin Impurities With Apps


Samsung plans to launch two skin care apps, Lumini and S-Skin, to detect and solve skin problems using cameras, LEDs and nanotechnology. These launches come on the tails of the Galaxy Note 7 incident.

The Apps

Lumini and S-Skin use modern technology to scan a user’s skin for imperfections to identify problem areas.

Lumini takes images sent to a smartphone and helps identify blemishes, wrinkles and other skin problems, recommending dermatologists and products based on the analysis.

Aiming to measure melanin, redness and skin moisture, S-Skin uses LED light wavelengths, which could potentially improve skin’s health.

Maintaining Confidentiality

With the ability to connect consumers with professionals, users may stumble upon referred estheticians.

However, a concern over the new technology is in full effect as Samsung skin care app and beauty smartphone features have the ability to breach privacy, which can be a turn-off to potential consumers.

The apps instantly connect consumers to a dermatologist, which gives unknown doctors access to a user’s images and skin care data, leaving this new technology’s privacy unclear.

Source: iTech Post

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