Urine the Latest DIY Skin Care Craze


You probably read the title of this article and clicked through thinking, surely this can't be real. Well, it is. The latest DIY skin care craze circulating the internet is...big breath...applying pee to your face.

According to a Refinery 29 story, human urine is sterile, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory. The practice of applying to to the face reportedly has its roots in ancient Eastern traditions.

The story referred to dermatologists, who noted that: the user must use their own sample, they must use it immediately and there are some counterindications based on health conditions.

The trend, while gross, is not entirely off base. A major component of urine is urea, which is a popular skin care ingredient to hydrate and exfoliate skin. Urine also contains ingredients with skin benefits such as minerals, enzyme and antibodies.

If you have clients (or friends) who want beautiful skin so bad they'd be willing to use their pee, advise them that their time is better spent elsewhere. While it won't cause harm and might even provide a little benefit, applying urine to the face isn't nearly as effective as today's skin care treatments and products.

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