Poll Shows Favorite Beauty Trends of Millennials


The beauty world is obsessed with millennials.

A new survey shows some shocking and some not-so-surprising trends popping up within the millennial generation. Millennial behavior is completely different from the baby boomer generation when it comes to beauty trends, which tends to bewilder the older generations.

Crazy Color Palettes

With the numerous different colors used in every aspect of makeup, it was found that about 27% of millennials “all-time favorite shade” of nail polish is pink, with nude shades coming close behind with 20%. Red, black and blue follow with 15%, 9%, and 7%, respectively. Eye shadow colors ranged from brown (32%) to violet (3%). Other popular choices were nude (29%), gray (22%) and pink (3%).

Favored Trends

The biggest trends that millennials had tried and liked:

  • Face contouring and highlighting
  • Gel/shellac manicures
  • Bold brows/brow filling/brow tinting
  • Beach waves
  • Ombré hair/pastel hair
  • Statement lips
  • No-makeup makeup
  • Half-up bun
  • Baking
  • Lip plumping

Loving Those Lipsticks

Thirty six percent of women own more than 10 or more lipsticks. One to three lipsticks is the second most amount of ownership with 24%. Four to six has 22%, while seven to nine has 14%. Only 4% of women own no lipstick, showing that lipsticks won’t be going away any time soon.

It’s an Everyday Thing

Almost half—48%—of millennial women wear makeup every day.  Coming in a close second is “several times a week,” at 37%, and “several times a month,” at 9%. “Several times a year” and “never” were both relatively low, at 4% and 2%, respectively.

Cannot Live Without

When asked if they could only use one makeup product, millennials responded with mascara being their number one choice, at 35%. Foundation and eyeliner took the second and third place spot.

Go to Popsugar to see the full infographic.

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