Wellness on the Mind (and Lips): Organic Lipstick Market on the Rise


Wellness is on consumers' minds, as can be seen by the projected 6.5% growth in the global natural and organic lipstick market between 2017–2023. Data from Market Research Future shows that non-toxic and allergen-free products will drive the market forward.

Consumers are spending a portion of their rising disposable incomes on luxury cosmetics that are perceived as healthier than the lipstick market’s other options. Innovations in formulating natural ingredients and pigments have attracted mass consumers to these products as wellness trends continue to thrive.

The terms “natural” and “organic” often serve as thorns in the cosmetic industry’s side, but rising consumer concern over health—along with the appeal of unconventional products—has led this subset of the lipstick market to rise at a higher global growth rate than their counterparts, especially in North America. Consumers are drawn in by claims of anti-microbial, exfoliating, non-irritating and free-from properties in these products.

The report also showed that:

  • Consumers prefer the longer shelf-life of stick formulations for their durability;
  • Cream lipsticks are in the highest demand for their moisturizing and nourishing properties;
  • Female consumers are leading the demand for organic lip care products.
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