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The feminine care movement is in full effect, and the skin care industry is taking notice with its latest trend. Period beauty has recently come into the spotlight, with cosmetics brands formulating products to address hormonal changes and skin conditions that occur for women during "that time of the month." 

Why Period Skin Care?

It's no surprise that during the hormonal fluctuations of a woman's cycle, the skin experiences some changes. The concept behind period beauty comes with the idea that skin is continuing to change throughout a woman's 28-day cycle, so her skin care should change as well.1

A women's skin changes before, during and after their period can be different from the next. While some women experience a rise in acne, others may only find that their skin tends to be on the oilier side during their period. This trend comes off an even bigger trend of cyclical living, where women are encouraged to embrace their hormonal fluctuations during their cycle and switch up how they live their life based on it.1

While no studies have been done on this matter, dermatologist Anjoli Mahto, M.D., did explain that there is science to back this up. She stated that the "second half of your cycle, you do tend to be quite progesterone and testosterone heavy, and that’s why a lot of people find their skin can get a bit oilier after ovulation and more spot-prone in the run up to their period.”1

Brands Making a Statement

Rael is one such brand that has released a variety of facial sheet masks through their period beauty line, and they are supplying ingredients that are satiable for all skin conditions during the different stages of the menstrual cycle.2

Another brand that has formulated a product specifically for women's menstruation is Knours. This company came out with their Double Duty Mist that is designed to be used a certain way before and after menstruation, and the difference comes from whether the client should shake the product before use or not. After their period is completed, the product is designed to be shaken before application to add extra nutrients to the skin.2

Amareta also offers a cycle-based skin care line that features products designed to be used before your cycle, during week one and two, and after your cycle, during week three and four. 

A Change in Skin Care

While some brands have come out with specific lines geared toward this trend, other brands have simplified the need for change in skin care. For example, it is recommended that glycolic or salicyclic acid should be used to control oil production days leading up to a woman's period while skin soothers and nourishes should be used after a woman's period is completed.1

On the contrary, there are other specialists that believe changing the entire routine is not necessary at all. Instead, they recommend that clients become aware of how their skin changes during their cycle, and they find a really good sunscreen and moisturizer that work for them throughout their entire cycle, with their reasoning being that it is better for the skin to have a consistent routine than continual change.1

In general though, this trend is bringing to light how women's skin can change throughout the month, which is important for both practitioners and clients to understand. This trend can open up the conversation with female clients about what skin changes they experience during the month, which you can address when they come to your spa at different stages in their cycle and recommend appropriate treatments, as well as retail. 


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