8 Things to Know A-Pout the Dermal Lip Fillers Market


It’s time to pucker up: the global demand for lip fillers grew 3% year-over-year in 2018, coming in at $420 million.

This from “Lip Fillers Market Opportunity Analysis,” a report from Future Market Insights. Among its findings:

  1. Half of consumers invest in lip fillers to “boost [their] confidence levels;” the other half use them as a quick fix for “facial perfection”
  2. Offering a wide-range of safe, effective options will remain the key revenue level of companies active in the lip fillers market, while personalization will offer an opportunity to boost revenue pools
  3. The study anticipates that lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid-based solutions will remain the most frequently requested procedures in aesthetic practices—in 2019, hyaluronic acid will surpass poly-L-lactic acid to account of around 94% of the global lip fillers-derived business value
  4. Though hospitals remain the leading location for lip fillers, office-based clinics will likely pick pace by the end of 2029, making them strong potential end user target for market players
  5. Long-term contracts with both hospitals and office-based clinics will be crucial in maintaining profitability for market players
  6. North America continues to lead the market for lip fillers, with the U.S. commanding a whopping 94.5% of the regional market growth
  7. Of the emerging markets, East Asia is the player to watch: shifting beauty standards in Japan, China and South Korea will present opportunities for companies operating in the market
  8. Social media, particularly selfie culture, remains one of the biggest factors in driving customers to opt for lip fillers; however, potential risks, such as bruising and permanent tissue spoilage, continue to deter potential customers

For more information, or to read the full report, visit FutureMarketInsights.com.

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