NPD Group Reports on the Tween Beauty Sector

Pretty Korean woman wearing a green hat and navy blue top
Pretty Korean woman wearing a green hat and navy blue top

The NPD Group's report, Insight Into the Youth Beauty Market, takes a close look at the youth consumer from ages 8-24 years old. Tweens, which range from age 8-12, first start using beauty products at the age of 10 and may use more than 24 different beauty product categories, with the majority represented by fragrances/body sprays, body washes/cleansers/gels and lip products.

Skin care products are the second most-used among tweens, with more than five out of 10 girls using them. Useage of makeup ranks third among tweens ,and nearly four out of 10 have reported using cosmetics, with lip gloss useage ranking high on the list.

Even though 51% of tweens say they are happy with the way they look, there is a keen interest in beauty products. Surprisingly, the group uses a variety of at least 30 different beauty product categories, from lip gloss to firming cellulite cream.

According to Karen Grant, vice president and senior beauty industry analyst, The NPD Group, there is still a "play" aspect to the application of beauty products in this segment and that moms have a huge influence on the products tweens use.

As far as where tweens are getting the money to purchase beauty products, four in 10 report using allowance money for their purchases, while six in 10 say their parents pay for their beauty products. Overall, the tween segment represents about $500 million in beauty product spending yearly.

According to Grant, "Now that's a nice sum, but here is what kicks that up into overdrive: since Mom is usually the one purchasing the products for the tweens, it's important for beauty companies and retailers to recognize that tweens may be driving Mom back into the marketplace. That little girl may be the one pulling the purse strings, so to speak, and the one who provides you an opportunity to talk to Mom."

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